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How to sell your home without affecting your life or your family life
Do you have a property to sell? Let’s get to know each other!
We look for interested clients and manage visits, so you can spend that time doing things you really love.

What do we propose?
Selling your property in a better and more agile way

How can we do that?

The first step is to know each other, because we can tell you that we have buyers, and it is truth, but you’ve heard that from others. We can value the property, but it has a thousand online tools to do it yourself. We can offer you a photo report (we do it in virtual reality), but anyone can do it with a state-of-the-art mobile phone. We advertise on the portals, but you may already do it on your own and for free.

Our proposal is to be able to help you with the sale and you don’t worry about it. We put at your disposal our honesty, quality service, resolution to any inconveniences that may arise and our dedication. We do not want to please to you telling you the right thing or what you want to hear, we leave that to other real estate companies. . . We are honest. We do not try to deceive you to win you as a client.

Do you know what benefits you get if you grant us exclusive ownership of your property?

I let you know…

The first thing to consider is that the sooner we adjust the price to reality, the better. Forget about wanting to sell above its price, about someone falling in love and buying it, or about not being in a hurry to sell. It is not working! We need to know everything about your home: identification of strengths and weaknesses, compare it and make as accurate a valuation as possible. As a data we will tell you that 30% of those interested come from the closest environment and if we drive them away with a high price they will not be interested in housing anymore. In addition, the longer a property takes to sell, the lower its final value.

We told you the case of a client who provides the price of her property at 395,000€. After half a year and after not having received visitors, she lent himself to lower it to 365,000€. At this price she began to have the visit of some curious people who, after evaluating the renovations that the property needed, did not offer more than 200,000€. She decided to make a new reduction to 295.000€. She was about to accept one for 245,000€, as time went by and there were no offers that matched its price. Finally, and luckily, on the same day that she was going to accept this offer, she confirmed the sale of the property for 280,000€. The dragging out of that case and the rash decision would have been a bad trick for her.

Once the price is set, what will we do? With the houses happens as with the people, we will not find two the same: house with or without garage, inside a town or on the outskirts, flat with or without elevator, garden or swimming pool, to reform or move in…each with its uniqueness. Therefore, the marketing plan and the means we will use will be personalized and will be focused specifically on the characteristics of each property.

Did you know that many of our clients are not in Menorca to visit the properties they are interested in?
Hence the importance of taking care of the image. We will put at your disposal all the tools you need to make your home in the best window: photos, virtual report, images with drones and if necessary we will generate plans and even photomontages of virtual renovations.
Let’s not forget that sometimes an idea sells more than reality!

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